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News Letter 4 2015


28th October 2015

Dear Parent/ Carer,

There will be some changes to the Senior Leadership Team’s pupil responsibilities, due to Mr Hamilton retiring and Mr Rae joining us. 

The pupil responsibilities will be as follows:-

Mr Rae          , DHT           S1 and S2      S1-Mr Smith, PT, S2- Mr Donnelly, PT

Ms Watt, DHT          S3 and S4      S3- Mrs Campbell, PT, S4- Mrs Johnston, PT

Mrs Sheikhly, DHT    S5 and S6      S5/6- Mr MacPherson, PT

Ms McNeill, DHT       Overview of pupils with Additional Support Needs.

Ms Sandilands, PT and Mr Connolly, PT.

During the two weeks starting 2nd November,  Mrs Sheikhly will be looking after S1 and S2, along with Mr Smith and Mr Donnelly, and Ms McNeill will continue to look after S5 and S6.  We look forward to making new partnerships with parents and will do all we can to make these changes for your children as smooth as possible.

Other Information:

There are a number of sweatshirts available from the office for £5 if you wish to purchase these for your child.  These can be worn with the blazer.

S1-4 parents evening on Monday 2nd November, make sure you have your appointment!

P6/7 parents evening is on Thursday 12th November @ 6.30pm.

If you require any further information regarding the changes outlined in this letter please contact the school office.

Yours Faithfully


Mrs L Hamilton