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News Letter 5 2015

6th November 2015


Dear Parent/ Carer,

May I begin this letter by emphasizing that the majority of children of Springburn Academy behave in a manner that creates a positive impression to residents and the community at large and are a credit to the school and yourselves.

However over the last week I have received no less than four complaints from residents and local businesses regarding our pupils at Springburn Academy littering in the area at lunch time.  When pupils leave the school premises at lunch time to get their food elsewhere they are not disposing of their litter in a responsible way. 

I have seen for myself empty Chinese containers left in people’s close entrances.  These are easily tipped over and leave a terrible mess for the residents to clean.  I have cleaned these up for the residents too.  There is an ice cream van which parks outside the school, and sells cup noodles to pupils, blue slush and sweets with high sugar content.  These items are not permitted in and cannot be bought in school.  Ignoring the health implications of these items for the moment, pupils are again throwing their empty noodle cups on the grass next to the van or outside residents’ houses.  Blue slush is being “smuggled” back into school and thrown down stair wells or dumped on corridor floors.

In Springburn Centre during the week nearly empty cartons, again from the Chinese, were thrown into the barbers shop and missiles were thrown at the beauty shop window causing damage.  Pupils who remain in the school for lunch also do not dispose of litter appropriately and although there are bins they choose to throw items of food, paper, wrappers etc. on the floor. 

We are continually trying to reinforce the message with pupils that this is their community and they should be proud of it and take care of it.  Being responsible with litter is one way of doing this.  Can I ask that you speak with your child about the dangers of littering in the community, i.e. it can encourage vermin and of their responsibility they have to their community to keep it in a decent condition?  The school will be participating in litter picks over the next few weeks after lunch and I have contacted the Community Action Team, who can fine those who litter in the community, to come to the school area during lunch time.  I hope that this along with your support will go some way to addressing the issues of littering in the community.

Yours Faithfully


Mrs L Hamilton