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For those of you who want to improve their folio grades for this year, here are some good on-line resources where you can get inspiration and also familiarise yourself more with critical language.

Norman MacCaigPoetry: Visiting Hour, by Norman MacCaig


Revision: Close Reading

Here is the 2003 paper split into individual questions with guidance on how to answer. (Click to open each Word file in a new window.)

Understanding Questions

2003 Q6 2003 Q9a    

Analysis Questions

2003 Q1b 2003 Q2 2003 Q4b 2003 Q4c
2003 Q7 2003 Q9b 2003 Q10b 2003 Q12a
2003 Q12b 2003 Q13    

Evaluation Questions

2003 Q5b 2003 Q8 2003 Q12a 2003 Q14

Here is the 2005 paper split into individual questions:

Q1a Q1b Q2a Q2b
Q2c Q3a Q3b Q4
Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8
Q9a Q9b Q9c Q10
Q11 Q12 Q13 Q14
Q15 Q16 C/R Paper 1 C/R Paper 2

You can download a self-assessment sheet (here), and a front page (here) and a title page (here) for your pupil booklet. (All files are Word documents that open in a new window.)

 Here are some strategies for dealing with different types of question: