Springburn Academy
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School LibraryThe library is at the heart of the school. Regular engagement with the library ensures that all pupils are able to develop information literacy (IL) skills, which will help them in subjects throughout the school. A pupil with good IL skills will be able to search for, understand, summarize and present information well.

In addition, reader development activities are designed to encourage “Reading for Pleasure” (reading outside of what is required for school). One of the jobs of the librarian is to ensure that every pupil can find “that book” that will open up the wonderful world of reading for them.

Evidence shows that reading for pleasure has a fundamental effect on reading and writing ability, text comprehension, self confidence as a reader and breadth of vocabulary. Put simply, reading makes you more clever!

The librarian (Miss Nicol) organises author visits and book-related activities to enhance pupils' experience of reading and books.

Some BooksCollections: The library has a number of collections to ensure that pupils of all interests and reading levels are able to access books. These include: fiction for junior and senior readers; quick reads for less able and developing readers; magazines; graphic novels and fun facts; non-fiction books.

Services: The library is staffed by a chartered librarian from Monday to Wednesday. We are planning lunchtime activities and after-school access for all year groups, encouraging pupils to use the library outwith class time.

Other services include: author visits and book promotions; book group; homework help; and careers advice from a Careers Advisor (Mondays and Thursdays).

For careers help and information, visit  http://www.myworldofwork.co.uk/