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S1, S2 & S3 (BGE)
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BGE Curriculum

S1: Pupils are introduced to some religious and moral beliefs from the following units and are encouraged to reflect on, communicate and develop their own views about these.

·         Beliefs in Action

·         Creation Stories  

·         How We Should Treat the Planet

·         Christianity


S2: Pupils examine philosophical questions and look at some responses from religious and non-religious sources.  Pupils further develop their communication and critical thinking skills.

·         Beginnings

·         Life And Death

·         Suffering and Evil


S3: Pupils explore ways in which people make moral decisions in order to help them articulate their own moral decision making when applied to actual ethical dilemmas.  Pupils build on and consolidate skills from S1 and S2

  • Making Moral Decisions
  • Human Rights
  • Capital Punishment
  •   Medical Ethics; Euthanasia