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National 4/5
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.National 4 and 5 Curriculum.


National 4/5:  Pupils will study from the following compulsory units:


§  WORLD RELIGIONS - Pupils will examine Islamic beliefs and practices and will examine the impact of these on the lives of followers and on wider society. 


§  MORAL QUESTIONS - Pupils will examine the debate surrounding the topic of Conflict.  They will look  religious and non-religious responses to War and assess whether or not Pacifism is a realistic approach in today’s world.


§  RELIGIOUS AND PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTIONS - Pupils will study questions concerning the Origins of the universe and of life.  They will examine both religious and scientific accounts of these and assess whether or not these accounts are contradictory.

National 4/5 Added Value unit/Assignment:

In this unit you will -

  • choose an issue or topic for personal study from religious, moral or philosophical Questions
  • research your chosen topic and report your findings.