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General Revision
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General sites

1. Spark Notes
Lists of study guides, literature, Shakespeare, downloadable and printable by chapter.

2. Classic Reader
Provides the full texts of many classic novels, poems and plays. To use on a whiteboard, you should select 'Printer Friendly version', which removes the advertising and makes the presentation clearer. Alternatively, copy and paste the text into your whiteboard software.

3. Converse: the literature website
The Converse website is a collection of free multimedia resources, games and essays, to help teachers and students of English literature. Converse is a joint project between Cambridge University and schools and colleges across Britain.

4. English Literature Resources
English Literature internet resources, essays, and books for students of Literature in English, and find books online.

5. BBC Drama: Bleak House
Animated video and stories.


6. Poets
The Listening Booth section of this key poetry site contains an extensive range of audio files of poetry readings, indexed by author and title. Featured poets include W.H. Auden, E.E Cummings, T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, Robert Graves, Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens and W.B. Yeats. The full text of the poem is also given, and biographies.

7. The Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive
This multimedia site is devoted to the works of the poet Wilfred Owen and required Real, Windows Media Player or QuickTime to access some of the content. Although the front page of the site is cluttered and unclear and can be quite discouraging to the casual user, in general WOMDA does in fact contain a wealth of material which can be accessed through the browse page. This includes digital copies of practically all of Owen's original manuscripts, many of his letters, audio interviews with war veterans, and a large number of video clips taken from the Imperial War Museum's holdings, as well as material made more recently, all of which also relates to the First World War in general.

8. Poetry Zone
The Poetry Zone is a web site set up primarily to enable children and teenagers to publish their own poetry and reviews.

Language, writing support, grammar

9. The English Accents and Dialogues collection
The English Accents & Dialogues collection at the British Library contains nearly 700 recordings showing how we spoke and lived in the 20th century.

10. BBC Voices
The BBC voices website contains a wealth of materials on the spoken word and downloadable learning materials.

11. Blast
BBC Creative Writing site.

12. The Poetry Express
Find 15 poems you can write right now or at least get some ideas for them. Make, share, and revise your poems here.

13. Writing Fix
Interactive pages on writing skills for teachers and students, includes Writing Fix for kids with writing games.

14. Grammar: British Council
Go hand-in-hand with the British Council through the maze of English grammar and pit your wits against their online games.

15. BBC
Spelling games.

English and media

16. English and Media Centre
For teachers and learners with video and reviews of best books and links.

17. The War to End All Wars
The First World War is presented here in a series of in-depth collections which seek to inform the novice as well as the more knowledgeable user. These cover a variety of features related to the period, including posters, stills, moving images, as well as some of the best-known songs and poems from that time. In addition to this, there are sections devoted to individual battles and specific weapons, as well as tours of the battlefields and the cemeteries, all of which is presented in a mixture of sound, vision and text. The video and audio clips can be accessed with Quick Time.

Books online: internet archive

18. C4 Book Box
Games, books sites, interactive site.

19. Cool Reads
Top best books with reviews by KS3 and 4 children.

20. Google Print
Search the full text of books (and discover new ones).

Student revision sites

21. BBC GCSE Bitesize
Lists of plays and literature, and a chance to post queries about GCSEs.

22. S-Cool
How to write essays, poetry and stories at Standard Grade level.

23. English Biz
Guidance on how to write essays, poetry and stories.

24. Revision
GCSE English section of the award-winning tutorials, tips and advice website, covering exams for students, parents and teachers.