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Higher Curriculum




Higher: Pupils will study from the following compulsory units:


·         WORLD RELIGIONS – Pupils will examine Buddhist beliefs and practices and will examine the impact of these on the lives of their followers and on wider society.


·         MORAL QUESTIONS – Pupils will examine some debates around Medical Ethics including the topics of euthanasia, embryo research and organ transplant.  Pupils will look at religious and non-religious responses to these and develop a personal conclusion of their own.


·         RELIGIOUS AND PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTIONS - Pupils will explore the arguments surrounding the Existence of God and critically assess these arguments.

Higher Assignment:

In this unit you will -

  • choose an issue or topic for personal study from religious, moral or philosophical contexts
  • research your chosen topic and report your findings.

Further information contained here:


Further Education: Any Arts, Social Subjects, Divinity or Law faculty at college or university would welcome a Higher in RMPS

Job Opportunities: Social work, Police, Nursing, Libraries, Teaching, Museums, Caring and Advisory Services