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Mobile Phone policy

4th March 2016


Dear Parent/ Carer,

I write to inform you of our concerns regarding the interruption to learning that is frequently caused by pupils using their mobile phones in class. 

As a school we understand that teenagers are very attached to their mobile phones and that the phones can be very helpful learning aids at times, e.g., to access research data via the internet.  However during lessons mobile phone use has become a problem.  Pupils are checking their texts and in some cases texting people when in class.  It is for this reason that this week I have been reminding pupils of our Mobile Phone Usage Policy.  I thought it important to share with you the information your child received this week.

Mobile phones are permitted for use at social times, namely: before the start of the school day, interval, lunchtime and at the end of the school day.

During these times pupils have been reminded that they are not permitted to video events in the school premises as they may unwittingly film someone whose parent has not given permission for their photographs to be used in school publicity.  No film or photograph from Springburn Academy should be uploaded to any sites without my permission.

Mobile phones are not allowed at any other times.  Phones should be switched off and out of sight, in school bag.  If used inappropriately they can be confiscated by the teacher to remain with the appropriate DHT until the end of the school day.  Parents of pupils who persistently have their phones confiscated may be invited in to discuss the issue with the DHT. 

These restrictions are put in place to enable uninterrupted learning to take place and for child protection purposes.  Please support the school by reminding your child not to use phones in class.

Should you require to contact your child in an emergency situation please contact the school office on: 0141 582 0230.  All of our classrooms have phones in them so we are able to contact your child immediately for you.  Should the school need to contact you regarding your child, e.g., if your child is sick, we will do so by phone.  We would never ask your child to contact you themselves.

Thank you for your continued support,



Mrs Linda Hamilton