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SQA Exams: Important Dates

Revision pictureExam Dates:

SQA Exams take place from Thursday 26th May to Friday 1st June (inclusive).
S4 Study Leave starts on Thursday 26th May.
S5/6 Study Leave starts on Monday 14th May.

S4 pupils have been given individual timetables and a letter to parents with information about exams. They have also been given Revision Timetables.
The Revision Timetable is available to download here.

S3 pupils who are sitting exams (Fast Track English and Maths) and S5/6 pupils will be given individual timetables by Friday 27th April.

Study Leave / Revision

When S4/5 and S6 pupils do not have exams they can study at home. They do not need to be in school unless they have an exam.
Room 227 will be available for private study, every lesson and every day during the exam period. This will be supervised by teachers.
S4/5 and S6 pupils have been given a revision timetable showing when revision sessions will run (usually the day before an exam).
Any pupils in school for revision or private study must wear school uniform and should sign in and out at the school office.

Return from Study Leave

S5 Induction Day - Monday 28th May
S6 Induction Day - Wednesday 30th May.

All pupils returning to S5 or S6 MUST attend school on the Induction Days. They will make their final option choices for S5 or S6 on these days. Anyone not attending the Induction Days will not be allowed to return to S5 or S6.

Start of New Timetable

All S5 and S6 classes and courses will begin on Wednesday 6th June.
S5 and S6 pupils must attend school until the last day of term (Wednesday 27th June).