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School Trip to BT

BT Building GlasgowA group of pupils from Ms Gorman's S4 Business Management class were lucky enough to attend an employability event at the BT offices in Glasgow on 14 November 2011.

Here is an account of what some of the pupils had to say about their day.

“There were other schools at the event and we all got mixed together in groups and got to know each other and our team mentors. We worked as a team to do some team activities, like building a tower out of newspaper. We learned how to act in an interview and how internet sites, such as Facebook, can affect our chance of getting a job in the future. The event really helped me for the future, as it helped me with techniques to give a really good interview and what things can affect me in getting a job.” (Shannon Traynor)

S4 Business management class“I learned that there is a vast variety of departments in BT and they have links in a lot of different careers.” (Wendy Onabule)

“A few people who work in BT talked to us about their previous experiences. They told us how they got their jobs at BT. This was interesting and also inspiring.” (Reheme Kyeyune)

“My favourite session of the day was the interview skills. I learned how to be a good interviewee and the examples shown by BT were spot-on. Before I went to BT, I had a little idea of how to be a good businessman. I really enjoyed the whole experience and can't wait to use the skills that I learned at BT later on in life. Thanks for the experience, BT and Ms Gorman!” (Thomas Nevitt)