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Scottish Government's School Handbook Consultation

The Scottish Government invites feedback from parents and carers, with a view to improving information that they are entitled to receive about their child's school ("the school handbook").

On 15 November, the Scottish Government published a public consultation on the requirements for providing information for parents and carers about their child's school ("the school handbook") which are outlined in The Education (School and Placing Information) (Scotland) Regulations 1982 and subsequent amendments. This information can be available in different formats including a "school handbook", leaflets or on a school website. The regulations currently cover information such as transport facilities, school meal provision, post-school destinations, examination achievement in National Qualifications, and additional support for learning.

The changes currently taking place in 3-18 education in Scotland as a result of Curriculum for Excellence – including changes to the curriculum itself and to assessment and National Qualifications – suggest that the current requirements for the school handbook need to be updated and refreshed to ensure that the information provided is more relevant and helpful for parents.

The consultation paper can be accessed from the Scottish Government's Current Consultations page (click to open link in a new window).

You are invited to respond to the online questionnaire (click to open survey in a new window) on behalf of your Parent Council and Parent Forum. The Scottish Government are keen to hear from as many parents and Parent Councils as possible to allow them to consider any necessary amendments to the Education (School and Placing Information) (Scotland) Regulations 1982.

The consultation period ends on 14 March 2011. In partnership with the National Parent Forum of Scotland, a series of consultation events will be arranged for parents around the country in January-March 2011.

In the meantime, any enquiries about the Consultation can be submitted by email.